Sideris” nuts and coffee factory, supports the 1st Patras Half Marathon

Sideris” nuts and coffee factory, supports the 1st Patras Half Marathon

Sideris” nuts and coffee factory, a leading native company in Patras, supports the 1st Patras International Half Marathon. 

A family owned business with a long history of four decades from one generation to the other   “Sideris” nuts and coffees first siege in the early 80s was at the commercial center of the city at 93 Corinthou Street. 

Initially, they exclusively engaged in wholesales throughout the stores in Patras and the surrounding areas.

In no time the freshly roasted coffee smell,  the top quality nuts pure gastronomic delight spread the word and the reputation of keeping up a traditional craft, thus business expanding to retail sales from the same store. The need to keep up with  customers needs was the reason to open a second store at 30 Riga Ferreou str.. Aiming to upgrade in terms of quality and productivity, the company invested in buildings and  infrastucture. 

Since 2006, the head office has relocated at 83 Corinthou  str. in a privately owned three-storey building. At the same time, new cooling chambers and state-of-the-art ovens ensure upgraded quality and productivity of 1000 kgr/day. ISO 22000 certification is the culmination of the company’s effort in the field of food safety management.

Since November 2018, “Sideris” company has further expanded all over Patras with more stores,a new one opened at 301 Korinthou & Pantanassis str. A huge variety of nuts, coffees and spices can fullfill even the most demanding quest of customers at the three “Sideris” stores in Patras.

All in one the history, the top quality products, its familly oriented management and dedication to keep up tradition are the key ingredients of the status of the company a staunch supporter of the 1st Patras Half Marathon.