Patras Half Marathon 2024 Report

Patras Half Marathon 2024 Report

1 Introduction

The Patras Half Marathon took place on April 7, 2024 for the second consecutive year. The organizers were the newspaper “PELOPONNISOS” and the sports club AO PELOPS. The event consisted of three running races, specifically:

• Half Marathon
• 5km Road Race
• 1km Road Race for kids

The races started and finished at King George A Square in Patras, and the routes mainly followed the city’s coastal front, offering ideal conditions for records and fast performances as they are mostly flat. The view of the Patraikos Gulf makes them idyllic, combining the beauty of the sea, nature, and the architecture of Patras. The records are officially recognized as the routes are certified by AIMS. The 2024 event was held under the auspices of the Ministry of Education, Religion, and Sports (GGAS), the Hellenic Gymnastics Association (SEGAS), and the Greek National Tourism Organization (GNTO). The races are conducted according to the international regulations of World Athletics.

2 Races

2.1 Half Marathon

PatrasHalfMarathon2024_course map_profile

Flat route covering a distance of 21.097 meters with both start and finish at the same point, King George A’ Square. The course primarily follows the city’s coastal front.

2.2 5 km Road Race

PatrasHalfMarathon2024_5km_course map_profile

Flat route covering a distance of 5 kilometers, which follows a section of the Half Marathon route.

2.3 1km Road Race for kids


Flat route covering a distance of 1 kilometer, which follows a section of the Half Marathon route.

3 Side events

In addition to the races within the framework of the Patras Half Marathon 2024, the following two side events took place:
Seminar “Running and Health: Tips for systematic and young runners”
Held on Sunday, March 3, 2024, at the My Way Hotel & Events.
Speakers included:
o Dimitris Theodorakakos, Greek Marathon champion and world cup winner in mountain running. Graduate coach of Classical Athletics.
o Dimitris Thodoridis, Coordinator of the Middle and Long Distances Sector of SEGAS.
o Irini Babaroutsi, PhD Clinical Dietitian, Sports Nutritionist, Doctor of Harokopio University of Athens, scientific responsible of “Thermida” Dietitian Office, Nutritionist of the National Track Team, scientific collaborator of the European Handball Federation.
o Theodoros Betsos, physiotherapist – orthopedic therapist with manipulations – medical training therapist.
o Sofia Riga, Greek Marathon champion, participant in the Rio 2016 Olympic Games.
o Dr. Georgios Stavrulakis, MD, PhD, FESC, cardiologist, doctor of the University of Athens (specialization in Sports Cardiology).
o Via video, we watched the presentation of Dan Benardot, PhD, DHC, RDN, FACSM, Teaching Professor, Center for the Study of Human Health Emory University.

You can find more information here:

Pasta party
Pasta party took place on the eve of the race, Saturday, April 6, 2024, at 19:30 at the Municipal Slaughterhouses of Patras, marking the beginning of the Patras Half Marathon 2024.

4 Organizing Team

President of the Organizing Team: Theodoros Louloudis
Project Manager: Magda Oikonomou
Technical Director: Nikos Polias
Financial Director: Nikos Nikas
Commercial Director: Spyros Goudevenos
Commercial Department: Grigoris Manikas, Elena Vasilakopoulou, Charis Karpetas, Anna Dinopoulou
Registration Department: My Race
Volunteer Coordinator: Filio Solaki
Procurement Manager: Nikos Nikas
Athlete Communication: Sotiris Bilianos
Marketing Department: Magda Oikonomou, Michalitsa Melissourgou
Secretarial Support: Michalitsa Melissourgou
Technical Support: My Race

5 Collaborations

5.1 Collaborating Bodies

A multitude of organizations collaborated for the organization. Specifically:

• Ministry of Education, Religion, and Sports (GGAS)
• Hellenic Gymnastics Association (SEGAS)
• Greek National Tourism Organization (GNTO)

Institutional Supporters:
• Regional Unit of Western Greece
• Municipality of Patras
• Hellenic Police, Achaia Police Directorate
• Patras Traffic Department
• Patras Port Authority S.A.
• Hellenic Railways Organization (OSE)
• Medical Association of Patras
• Hellenic Red Cross
• National Emergency Aid Center (EKAV)
• KTEL Achaia, Kefalonia, Aetolia-Acarnania, and Zakynthos
• Patras Urban Transport Company
• Professional Association of Taxi Drivers of Achaia, “Agios Dimitrios”
• Taxi Owners’ Association of Patras and Surrounding Areas, “Agios Christoforos”
• Olympia Odos S.A.
• Primary and Secondary Education of Achaia
• Union of Radio Amateurs of Western Peloponnese
• Volunteer Firefighting Rescue Team of Vrachneika (EOPYD)
• Armed Forces Reservists Club of Achaia (LEFED)
• Achaean Motorcycle Club (ACH.LE.MO.)
• Pegasus Begoulakiou
• SkartaEkato Club
• Department of Physiotherapy, School of Health Sciences, University of Patras
• Hellenic Rescue Team – Achaia branch
• Achaia Marathon Runners Association (SMACH) “Feidippides”
• Health Runners Club of Patras (SDYP)
• Social Cooperative Enterprise DIAVA
• Patras Record Collectors Association
• Union of Daily Newspaper Editors of Peloponnese – Epirus – Islands (ESEEPI)
• Poly’s Dance Center
• Patras Municipal Band
• Polyphonic Choir of Patras – Stavros Solomos
• Ionian Orchestra of Patras – Christos Panagiotopoulos
• Nikos Liopetas Orchestra
• Social Cooperative Enterprise “SFIGKES” – Viktoria Angelopoulou
• Music Association of Messolonghi “Iosif Rogon”
• Music Group “KroustALites”

2nd Patras Half Marathon’s ambassador was Spiros Andriopoulos, the greatest Greek long-distance runner of all time.

5.2 Sponsors

Sponsors who supported the event in 2024 were 49, whereas in 2023 they were 26 (an 89% increase), while sponsorship revenues increased by 56%.

Gold Sponsors: Coffee Island, My way, Volton
Silver Sponsors: ΑΝΔΡΙΚΟΠΟΥΛΟΣ, ΒΙΚΟΣ, Custom Prints, DIXO, Dole, F-PLACE, GU ENERGY, HERON, Olympia Odos, Saucony, UP-CYCLE
Supporters: ACCOUNT SAINTS, Αmalthia, ASKOYNIS, axaiko xoriatiko, BOOK TICKETS, Hellenic Open University, Kaimakas, Katrivesis, Masoutis, Mastiqua, MOXY, PES Union, Proto, Rehab Store, RESILUX, Rubik’s, Sideris, Spathis Insurance, Stegno, ΤΙΤΑΝ, Theo Car by Avance, TRIGAS NEPHROS, Fakalos CATERING, Western Greece Printing
Local Supporters: Carrel, Clean Systems, FuturePlus, Guard Spray, Ioannou, Kavvadias, Karamelokosmos, Matrix, More Design, PEGASOS PLOUMIS, P Consulting, TAXI EXRESS, TSIANIKAS

Learn more about the sponsors:

5.3 Media Sponsors

The Best, Eleftheria Kalamatas,,, Gazzetta, IONIAN, PATRIS,, PELOP.GR, PELOPONNISOS FM, RUNNER MAGAZINE,, SKAI PATRAS, Synidisi,

5.4 Volunteers

Volunteers play a critical role in the successful organization of a running event and the positive experience of participants.

In total, 210 volunteers offered their services at the 2nd Patras Half Marathon. Specifically:

• 140 volunteers on the route + 40 judges (route + square)
• 30 volunteers (Secretariat and square)

6 Participation

6.1 Participation

Event Half Marathon 5km Race 1km Kids Race
Registrations 1.044 1.956 790
Team Registrations 44 teams (168 participants) 7 teams (706 participants)
Finishers 2024 846 1.586 511
Finishers 2023 594 992 350
% Change in Finishers
+42% +72% +46%

Compared to 2023, there was a 52% increase in finishers across all races.

6.2 Permanent Residence of Participants

The following permanent residence statistics are from the sample of participants who responded to the evaluation form sent by the organization.

Permanent Residence Total % Half Marathon % 5 km Race %
PATRAS 50,96% 35,24% 70,00%
ATHENS 23,13% 30,84% 11,67%
WESTERN GREECE 7,92% 11,45% 4,58%
PELOPONNESE 5,14% 3,96% 6,25%
ATTICA 3,85% 4,41% 3,33%
IONIAN SEA 2,78% 4,41% 1,25%
AEGEAN SEA 1,71% 1,76% 1,67%
ABROAD 1,71% 2,64% 0,83%
OTHER AREAS 2,79% 5,28% 0,42%
TOTAL 100,00% 100,00% 100,00%

Registrations were made by participants from 30 different nationalities. Participants from 27 different nationalities finished the race.

6.3 Race Results

* Results based on finishers.

Gender Total Half Marathon 5 km Race
Male 65% 81% 56%
Female 35% 19% 44%
100% 100% 100%
Age Total Half Marathon 5 km Race
Up to 20 years 10% 5% 13%
21-30 years 29% 22% 32%
31-40 years 22% 20% 22%
41-50 years 23% 30% 20%
51-60 years 12% 17% 10%
61 years + 4% 6% 3%
100% 100% 100%
net time Half Marathon %
< 1:10:00 0,1%
1:10:01 – 1:20:00 1,6%
1:20:01 – 1:30:00 4,9%
1:30:01 – 1:40:00 10,4%
1:40:01 – 2:00:00 37,1%
2:00:01 – 2:30:00 34,9%
2:30:01 – 3:00:00 10,4%
> 3:00:01 0,6%
net time 5 km Race
< 20:00 1,6%
20:01 – 25:00 10,9%
25:01 –  30:00 25,4%
30:01 – 35:00 25,7%
35:01 – 45:00 31,0%
> 45:01 5,4%

7 Results of Evaluation Form

An evaluation form was sent to participants of the Half Marathon and 5 km races. All responses evaluating their experience and providing opinions and suggestions for improving the race are important tools for the organizing team.

Below are the data collected from the evaluation form.

General Average Half Marathon Average 5 km Race Average
Overall satisfaction 8,8 8,9 8,7
Satisfaction with the course 8,8 8,8 8,7
Satisfaction with volunteers 9,2 9,2 9,2
Satisfaction with communication 9,0 9,0 9,1
Total 8,95 8,98 8,93

From the question: “Would you participate again in the Patras Half Marathon in the future?”

A percentage of 96% indicated they would participate in the next Patras Half Marathon.

Total Half Marathon  5 km Race
Probably yes 23,71% 25,22% 22,27%
Yes 72,41% 70,35% 74,37%
Probably not 1,51% 1,33% 1,68%
No 0,65% 1,33% 0,00%
I don’t know 1,72% 1,77% 1,68%
100,00% 100,00% 100,00%

From the question: “Would you recommend a friend to participate in the Patras Half Marathon?”

A percentage of 96% would recommend the Patras Half Marathon to a friend who is a runner.

Total Half Marathon 5 km Race
Probably yes 80,30% 79,30% 81,25%
Yes 15,85% 17,62% 14,17%
Probably not 1,93% 1,32% 2,50%
No 1,07% 1,76% 0,42%
I don’t know 0,86% 0,00% 1,67%
100,00% 100,00% 100,00%

8 Financial Report

Production 51,94%
Personnel – Collaborators Wages 23,76%
Promotion 13,09%
Cash Prizes 3,27%
Hospitality – Transportation 2,24%
Conference 1,82%
Pasta Party 3,88%
Total 100,00%
Income from private sponsorships 67,80%
Income from participants registrations 28,09%
Income from public organizations – subsidies 4,12%
Total 100,00%

9 Event promotion

The organization places emphasis on communication and therefore utilizes all communication channels. The combined use of the following media contributed to the success of the race. Continuous updates and promotion of the event highlighted public participation and interest.

9.1 Press Releases

The organizing committee regularly issues press releases to inform the public about the latest developments and news regarding the race.

9.2 Newsletters

Through newsletters, updates about the race preparations and information about related events are sent out.

9.3 Social Media

The race is active on the most powerful social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok, thereby enhancing communication between the organizing committee and the public. Through posts on social networks, the race is promoted, generating interest and interaction with participants.

9.4 Videos views


Το video προώθησης της διοργάνωσης
1.057 views on YouTube.
Approximately 283,000 different accounts saw the promo video on social media within a month.

9.5 Site

The website provides information about the race, allows registrations, displays results, and showcases photos of participants.

10 Photos – videos

Next to the name of each participant on the results page (, there are photos of them from the race.

Video on demand:

Promo video αγώνα:

Video recap 2024

Video recap 2023