Patras, as one of the major urban centers in Greece, enjoys the privilege of easy access and fast transportation due to its straightforward urban planning, combined with a variety of transportation options.

Road Access Patras serves as a hub for three major road axes. To the east, the Olympia Odos connects the city to Athens, Corinth, and cities in northern Peloponnese. To the north, the Rio-Antirrio Bridge and the Ionian Highway link Patras to mainland Greece, Epirus, and northern Greece. In the south, National Road 9 connects the city to Pyrgos, Kalamata, and other locations in western Peloponnese. The new Patras-Pyrgos Motorway is also under construction. Additionally, there is a secondary road network primarily serving local transportation needs.

Indicative distances and routes from Patras:

Athens: 214 km

Thessaloniki: 471 km

Tripoli: 168 km

Ioannina: 226 km

Preveza: 168 km

Intercity Bus Services (KTEL) Patras is connected to other major cities in Greece through intercity buses operated by KTEL Achaia ( Daily routes connect Patras to Athens, Aegio, Kalavryta, Corinth, Thessaloniki, Kalamata, Ioannina, Pyrgos, Volos, Zakynthos, Nafplio, Chalkida, Heraklion, Karditsa, and Trikala.

Urban Public Transportation

Public urban transportation in Patras consists of 40 bus routes operated by Astiko KTEL Patras ( and municipal services, along with one suburban railway route ( connecting the city center to Rio and the southern suburbs. Taxis in the city are cherry-colored.

Railway Connection

The Athens-Patras railway line is under construction. Meanwhile, Hellenic Train ( operates daily suburban railway routes from Athens to Kiato and Aigio. Bus services from Aigio provide a connection to Patras. Additionally, there is a bus connection between Kiato and Patras railway station.

Air Transportation

Patras is connected to European destinations through Araxos Airport, approximately 45 km from the city center. Access to the airport is by road, and transportation to Patras is provided by KTEL Achaia buses, taxis, or private means. The travel time from Patras to the airport is around 40 minutes.

Maritime Transportation

The Port of Patras ( serves international ferry routes to Italian ports and domestic routes to Igoumenitsa and Kefalonia-Ithaca.