2nd Patras Half Marathon 2024 – Results:


5 km – Results:


Kid’s Race 1 km (block 1) – Results:


Kid’s Race 1 km (block 2) – Results:


The electronic timing of all races and the publication of the results in real time has been undertaken by the company All About Running (official timekeeper of the country’s leading races such as the Athens Marathon and Half Marathon, etc.) with the guarantee and reliability of the leading company My Laps.

1. The results of the match will be announced in real time on the internet.
2. After the end of the match, there will be the possibility to submit objections within five calendar days.
3. The official results will be announced within ten working days.
4. For the reliable conduct of the race, there will be electronic timing points, to record the intermediate times at the following points:

– At startup
– At turning points
– At the termination

5. Competitors who will not display an electronic indication at the above mentioned points will be canceled from the competitions.